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Dental practice

dental units
Dental equipment systems
Other equipment elements
Dentist’s and dental assistant’s elements

Lighting systems
Operating lights
Ambient lights
Accessories for lighting systems

suction, separator and compressed air systems
Suction devices
Separating devices
Surgical suction devices

practice furniture
Cabinets for treatment area
Reception furniture
Furniture for waiting-rooms
Accessories for practice furniture

visual systems
Photographic systems
Intraoral cameras
Radiographic image chemicals
Radiographic image viewers
Radiographic films
Radiographic film development equipment
Image receptor holders (right-angle holders)
Radiographic devices
Digital image receiver
DVT radiographic devices

special devices
Anaesthetising equipment
Bite registration devices / Functional analysis
Bleaching systems
CAD/CAM systems (D)
Surgical motor systems
Diagnostic devices
Dosing and mixing devices
Electrosurgical devices
Endodontic measuring devices
Endodontic motor systems
Color selction devices
Hydrocolloid conditioners
Laser devices (D)
Light polymerisation devices (D)
Implantation navigation devices
Physiotherapy equipment
Powder jet devices
Snoring treatment equipment
Ultrasonic devices (D)
Vitality testing devices
Ozone-therapy devices

Workplace seating
Patient chairs
X-ray chairs

dental materials
Impression materials
Etching agents and adhesives
Fixing materials
Bite registration materials
Finished crowns
Temporary sealants
Temporary Crowns + Bridges Materials
Amalgam alloys
Root filling materials

General pharmaceuticals for dental treatment
Antiseptiques / Oral disinfectants
Endodontic preparations
Bone-regeneration compounds
Local anaesthetics
Periodontal remedies
Pulp protecting agents

work aids and auxiliary materials for dental treatment purpo ses
Impression aids
Color shade guides
Glass items for surgery organization
Tranquilisers and aids for anxiety attacks
Instrument stands/trays
Orthodontic supplies
Microscopes / Magnifiers
Mixing bowls/Mixing slabs
Suture materials
Products for emergency cases
Occlusion test work aids
Polishing materials
Cotton rolls / Tampon strips
Root canal points (Guttapercha)
Auxiliaries for implant planning
Operating-theatre drapes
Patient-condition monitoring during an operation
Devices for plasma medicine
Material for dressing

driving devices and handpieces
Handpieces (general)
Tubes and connections
Ultrasonic / Sonic handpieces
Special contra-angles

hand instruments
Impression trays
Evacuation cannulae
Bite registration instruments
Surgical instruments
Filling instruments
Injection instruments
Injection cannulae
Orthodontic instruments
Matrix systems / Matrix holders
Measuring instruments
Periodontal instruments
Examination instruments
Tooth cleaning instruments

rotary instruments
Diamond instruments
Tungsten carbide instuments
Ceramic abrasives
Steel instruments
Root canal instruments

oscollating instruments
Sonic instruments
Ultrasonic instruments

implant dentistry
Implantation instruments
Connecting parts for supra reconstructions
Augmentation products

retention anchors and pins
Parapulpal pins
Root canal anchors

prophylaxis / dental and oral hygiene
Patient information work aids
Prophylactic equipment
Interdental brushes
Oral irrigators
Plaque detectors
Prophylactic remedies
Tooth brushes, electromachanic and ultrasonic
Toothbrushes, manual
Dental care products
Denture adhesives
Denture care
Dental floss

cosmetic dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry supplies
Bleaching materials

consumables special equipment
Precious metal
Non-precious metal

Dental laboratory

functional equipment for dental laboratories
Working benches
Functional cabinets
Plaster bins
Plaster benches

functional systems for dental laboratories
Evacuation equipment
Lighting systems

CAD/CAM systems
Plaster processing systems
Ceramic processing systems
Synthetic resin processing systems
Alloy processing systems
Wax processing systems

dental laboratory equipment
Blasting devices
Boiling-out and steam jet devices
Dosing and mixing devices
Milling devices
Galvanic devices
Casting machines
Ceramic furnaces
Soldering and welding devices
Model trimmers
Parallelometers / Surveyors
Polishing devices
Polymerisation devices
Silicone mixers
Deep drawing devices
Preheating ovens
Additional devices for dental laboratories
Sintering furnaces

modelling materials
Modelling plastics

model materials
Model resins

materials for inlays, crowns and bridges
Ceramic materials
Synthetic resins for inlays, crowns and bridges
Metals/alloys (inlays, crowns and bridges)

denture materials
Magnet systems
Model casting alloys
Denture base polymers
Materials for individual impression trays etc.
Materials for orthodontic equipment

work aids and materials for dental laboratory purposes
General work aids and auxiliary materials for dental laboratory purposes
Duplicating materials
Investment materials
Instrument stands
Insulating materials
Flasks / Muffles
Soldering aids
Model base and splitcast systems

Model pins
Polishing materials
Deep drawing foils and plates

driving devices and handpieces

hand instruments
Mixing instruments
Plaster knives and saws
Measuring instruments
Modelling instruments
Laboratory pliers

rotary tools
Diamond instruments
Tungsten carbide burs and grinders
Ceramic abrasives
Steel burs and grinders

orthodentic construction elements
Orthodontic expansion and other screws
Orthodontic wires a.o.
Orthodontic brackets

reconstruction auxiliaries

CAD/CAM material
Precious metal
Non-precious metal

prefabricated mouldings
Assembled bridges
Plastic mouldings
Temporary crowns
Wax mouldings

artificial teeth
Ceramic teeth
Acrylic resin teeth

3D printing
3D printers (hardware)
3D printers (software)
3D printing post exposure-/cleaning units
3D printing materials

Infection control and maintenance

sterilization / Disinfectant devices and auxiliaries
Disinfecting equipment
Disinfectant dispensers
Sumps for instrumental disinfectants
Sealing equipment
Cleaning and disinfection devices
Sterilization control agents
Sterilization wrappings
Tray and other container systems

disinfectants (chemical)
Impression and denture disinfectants
Decontaminating agents for evacuation equipment
Disinfectants for surfaces
Disinfectants for hand and skin
Disinfectants for instruments
Instrument cleaning and disinfecting agents
Water disinfection

professional and protective clothing
Professional clothes
Gloves (medical)
Protective goggles
Protective gloves (maintenance)
Protective masks
Protective wraps
Light and laser protection

servicing systems
Cleaning and treatment appliances
Technical maintenance work aids
Ultrasonic cleaning devices
Cleaning agents

Services, information, communication and organisation

Billing systems
Education/further training
Banks, insurance companies, transport of valuable goods
Trade associations, institutions
Production and maintenance of dental prostheses
Marketing and marketing communication
Quality management
Management consulting
Service offerings for dental equipment, drivetrains and tools
Support for validation of cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation procedures

electronic data processing solutions for dental practice
dental laboratory
Implant planning systems
Surgical robots

information, organisation and communication work aids
Filing systems
Demonstration and training models
Communication systems
Organizational software
Recall systems
X-ray file systems
Safety systems/equipments

Specialist books
Specialist magazines
Informational and educational software
Internet and online services