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100 years of IDS – Time to look to the past and the future

Nowadays, the International Dental Show is undisputedly the leading trade fair for dental business throughout the world. With more than 70 percent international exhibitors and over 55 percent visitors, IDS occupies the top position.

The Dental Show premiered 100 years ago. In those times of emergency and crisis, it was impossible to foresee how the industrial exhibition would develop. I am reminded of the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton.

He once said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. Adapted to match the IDS, I would say, „The IDS, the world‘s top trade fair, heads the dental industry today because our preceding generations forged ahead so vigorously and perseveringly.“

taken from the foreword by
Mark Stephen Pace
Chairman of the Board, VDDI

Atlas Dental

European Markets /// Structures, Challenges and Scenarios | GFDI mbH

The European dental market is in a state of flux, but despite the different framework conditions prevailing in individual EU member states, common challenges and developments are discernible. In a complex and heavily regulated market, these impact equally on dental service providers and dental laboratories, manufacturers of dental technology and dealers.

The engines behind current developments in terms of what is on offer are demand factors (e.g. demographic trends), regulatory requirements within the common EU internal market, digitisation and advances in medical technology which are increasingly based on cross-cutting technologies. Consequently, any market players positioning themselves in an extremely dynamic and complex environment are confronted by a range of variables when taking strategic decisions for which more accurate information on the market and its development is needed.

When illustrating findings, particular importance was placed on the depiction of information for specific countries in a comprehensive and, yet, striking manner that grasps the reader’s attention. Differences within or between European countries can be easily comprehended, thanks to cartographic illustrations and so-called structural profiles.

The purpose of the ATLAS DENTAL study is to highlight trends and tendencies on the basis of contemporary dental market activity, informing readers, encouraging reflection and stimulating discussion. It is designed to promote dialogue in the industry and, where possible, sensitise readers to questions that affect market players and illustrate approaches in the search for solutions.

The study in no respect represents action or strategy recommendations for participants in the dental sector. None of the propositions put forward in it represent the official positions of the publishers.

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Structures, Challenges and Scenarios

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