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IDS brandcard

The IDS’ Brand Strategy / IDS Brand Card

The International Dental Show is the world’s leading trade fair for the dental community:

„The IDS is the world’s leading trade fair for the dental community, a platform which secures lasting success for innovations and market trends.“

(IDS brand core positioning)

The IDS is successful thanks to visions, goals, strategies, motivation and last but not least, hard work.

The foundation of our future IDS strategy is the “IDS brand core”. A working group from the dental industry developed the IDS brand core during months of work (2016-2017), supported and supervised by an agency for brand management, and drafted its key statements.

The IDS is organised by the business enterprise of the VDDI, the GFDI (Society for the Advancement of the Dental Industry). Our dental industry is responsible for ensuring the world’s leading trade fair IDS remains on course for success so we can develop it further into the future.

The result of the workshop process to define the IDS brand core is a clearly structured system of values, orientated on the success of all involved at the trade fair and includes several performance pledges.

The IDS brand core values form the basis and guidelines for current and future measures for the advancement of the IDS.

Like this, the Dental Show continues the groundwork and developmental steps made by preceding generations in the VDDI (VDDF).

The IDS brand core is the present-day expression of a historically based self-conception of our industry and its International Dental Show.