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1600 exhibitors already registered for 40th IDS 100-year success story set to continue - Wednesday, den 07 December 2022

IDS 2023 once again with IDSconnect - IDS 2023 is not only celebrating its 40th edition, as the leading trade fair the International Dental Show has meanwhile been shaping the dental future of the global industry for 100 years....

#idscologne - International Dental Show (IDS) 2023 demonstrates targeted prophylaxis regarding teeth brushing and beyond! - Tuesday, den 11 October 2022

Brushing one's teeth correctly is the crux of the matter - COVID-19 has given mouthwashes a boost with the help of surveys - The special area orthodontics: Surveys on peptide P11-4 too - International Dental Show positions good...

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#idscologne - International Dental Show (IDS) 2023: Best informed about minimally invasive trends in endodontology - Wednesday, den 28 September 2022

Less pulpectomy, more pulpotomy - pulp regeneration - flexible files resistant to breakage - conservative treatment - backward planning - IDS: the leaders for 100 years!

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#idscologne - 100 years of IDS: High number of exhibitors confirms the international leader status of the most important, global dental show - Wednesday, den 24 August 2022

Almost all of the relevant key players have already registered

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#idscologne - The International Dental Show (IDS) 2023 demonstrates how trusted and innovative concepts complement each other - Wednesday, den 27 July 2022

Analogue and digital impressions - virtual and physical models - backward-planning - the point of reference IDS presents alternatives and their interplay - and has done for 100 years!

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